Why do I get missing or duplicate transactions?

mymoney247 works to make sure your ttransactions are regularly updated, properly categorised, not missing and not duplicated.

When you connect your financial providers to mymoney247 we use Yodlee Inc to establish a secure connection to obtain your account information (like transactions and account balances) to use for features like Budget and Safe Spending. Yodlee are a large US listed company providing financial data services to over 70 million customers world wide.

Each time Yodlee updates your transactions they access 12 months or 3 months of data (depending on who your financial provider is) and update the transactions they already have with any new transactions. Most of the time this is done seamlessly. But sometimes on rare occasions, due to changes in the transaction description or changes in the transaction date, Yodlee might miss a transaction or include 2 of the same transactions in your transaction list. On other rare occasions, Yodlee need to make changes to their technology to match the changes made by your financial provider to your online account in order to identify all the transactions dating back 12 months or 3 months (depending who your financial provider is).

When you see that your transactions are not right, either they are missing or duplicated, you can contact our customer support staff who are here to fix your problem quickly. You can contact them by email at support@mymoney247.com or you can submit a Help request (also located on the Help page). You’ll get a response within one business day, but more likely even sooner than that.