Why do I get errors with my connected accounts?

When you connect your financial providers to mymoney247, we use Yodlee Inc to access your account information. Yodlee use your login credentials to establish a secure connection with your financial providers. Yodlee are a large US listed company providing financial data services to over 70 million customers world wide.

Sometimes Yodlee’s connection to your financial provider experiences difficulty. This can be because

  • the wrong login credentials are used to access your online account (e.g. they have changed and have not been updated through your mymoney247 service)
  • Yodlee’s connection experiences technical difficulty due to changes made by your financial provider to your online account
  • Your online account is experiencing technical difficulties.

If there is a difficulty with accessing your account information you will get an error message on your account. You can locate these error messages and instructions to resolve them in your Connected Services screen on mobile or desktop.

we proactively monitor these errors and work with Yodlee to resolve them as quickly as we can.

However, if you have errors, please let us know by contacting our customer support staff. While we monitor errors across all our customer’s accounts, our customer support staff will directly address any errors (or other issues) you have to get your accounts up to date quickly so you can use the service the way you should be able to use it.

You can contact our customer support staff by sending them an email at support@mymoney247.com or you can submit a Help request (also located at the top of the Help page). You’ll get a response within one business day, but more likely even sooner than that.