What accounts can I connect to mymoney247?

To connect your accounts to your mymoney247 service, we establish a secure connection with your financial institution. mymoney247 connects to over 200 institutions and we are adding new institutions every month.You can connect the following types of accounts in mymoney247:

  • Transaction & savings accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Home loan accounts
  • Personal loans
  • Superannuation accounts
  • Investment & share accounts

See the list below for the financial institutions you can connect to your mymoney247 account.

There may be some institutions for whom we have not yet developed the technology to connect to. If you can’t find your financial institution please contact our customer support staff at support@mymoney247.com.au or you can submit a Help request (located at the top of the Help page). Our customer support will assist you with checking whether we have a connection to your financial institution. If not, we will add your requested financial institution to our development list.

We are developing connections to new institutions every month. We record our customer’s requests and how many customers are requesting each institution. The more requests we get for a financial institution the more likely it will be selected for development.

List of available financial institutions you can connect to mymoney247

28 Degrees MasterCard (Australia)
Acorns (Australia)
Adelaide Bank (Australia)
Advanced Share Registry Services (Australia)
AFG Home Loans (Australia)
American Express Cards (Australia)
American Express Cards Mobile (Australia)
American Express Membership Rewards (Australia)
AMP (Australia)
AMP North Super Personal (Australia)
ANZ (Australia)
ANZ (Balance Visa Rewards) (Australia)
ANZ (Investor Access) (Australia)
ANZ (Visa Rewards) (Australia)
ANZ corporate bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
ANZ My Portfolio (Australia)
ANZ Prepaid Cards (Australia)
ANZ Salary Packaging Cards(Bank) (Australia)
ANZ Share Investing (Australia)
ANZ Super Staff Superannuation Scheme (Australia)
ANZ Travel Cards (Multiple Currencies) (Australia)
ANZ Travel Cards (Single Currencies) (Australia)
Asteron Life (Australia)
Aussie Home Loans (Australia)
Aussie Homeloans (Australia)
Australian Catholic Super (Australia) (Currently under development)
Australian Military Bank (Australia)
AustralianSuper (Australia)
AustSafe Super (Member Online) (Australia)
Auswide Bank (Australia)
B&E (Australia)
Baillieu Holst (Australia) (Currently under development)
Bank Australia (Australia)
Bank of Melbourne (Australia)
Bank of Queensland (Australia)
Bank of sydney Personal Bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
BankSA (Australia)
BankSA (Directshares) (Australia)
BankSA Business Banking (Australia)
Bankstown City CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
BankVic (Australia)
BankWest (Australia)
BankWest Business Banking (Australia)
bcu (Australia)
Bell Direct (Australia)
Bell Potter (Australia)
Bendigo Bank (Australia)
Beyond Bank (Australia)
Big Sky (Australia) (Currently under development)
Boardroom (InvestorServe) (Australia) (Currently under development)
BOQ Specialist (Australia)
BrokenHill community CU bank (Australia)
BT Investor wrap (Australia)
BT Online Investor (Australia)
BT panorama (Australia) (Currently under development)
Capricornian Bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
CardServices Online (Australia)
CareSuper (Australia)
Cash Management – nabtrade (Australia) (Currently under development)
Catholic Development Fund (Australia) (Currently under development)
Catholic Super
Cbus (Member SuperSite) (Australia)
Central West CU (Australia)
Charles Schwab (Australia)
Choiceland (Australia) (Currently under development)
Christian super memberlogin (Australia) (Currently under development)
Citibank (Australia)
club plus SUPERANNUATION (Australia)
CMC Markets (Australia)
Coastline Credit Union (Australia)
Coles MasterCard (Australia)
Colonial First State Investment (Australia)
Colonial First State Wrap (Australia) (Currently under development)
Commonwealth Bank (CommBiz) (Australia)
Commonwealth Bank CBA (Australia)
Commonwealth CBA (Australia) (Currently under development)
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (Australia) (Currently under development)
CommSec (Australia)
CommSec Adviser Services -Trading & Cash (Australia)
CommSec Adviser Services-Investor (Australia) (Currently under development)
CommSec Cash Management (Australia)
Community First CU (Australia)
Computershare – Issuer Online (Australia) (Currently under development)
Computershare (Employee) Plan Members (Australia)
Computershare Investor Centre (Australia)
Connective Home Loans
CU SA (Australia)
CUA (Australia)
Cuscal (Australia) (Currently under development)
David Jones (American Express Card) (Australia)
David Jones (American Express Rewards) (Australia)
Defence Bank (Australia)
Desktop Broker (Australia) (Currently under development)
Diners Club (Australia)
Easy Street (Australia) (Currently under development)
EISS (Australia)
Electricity CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
Encompass CU (Australia)
Equity Trustees (Australia) (Currently under development)
Event Cinemas (Australia) (Currently under development)
eway (Australia)
Fire Service CU
First Mac
First State Super (Australia)
First Super
FlexiPurchase NAB (Australia) (Currently under development)
Fly Buys (Australia)
Franklins (Australia) (Currently under development)
FSP portfolio services (Australia) (Currently under development)
G & C Mutual Bank (Australia)
Gateway Credit Union (Australia)
GE Buyer’s Edge (Australia)
GE Coles Group Card (Australia)
GE CreditLine (Australia)
GE GO Business MasterCard (Australia)
GE Home Loan (Australia)
GE Money eco MasterCard (Australia)
GE Money Low Rate MasterCard (Australia)
GE Money MasterCard (Australia)
GE Myer Black Card (Australia)
GE Myer VISA Card (Australia)
Gem Visa (Australia)
GESB (Australia) (Currently under development)
Goldman Sachs (Australia) (Currently under development)
Goulburn Murray Amigo Card (Australia) (Currently under development)
Goulburn Murray bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
Government Super – PSSap (Australia) (Currently under development)
Grow Wrap
Heritage Bank (Australia)
Heritage Isle CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
Hesta Super Fund (Member Online) (Australia)
Holiday Coast CU (Australia)
Homeloans.com (Australia) (Currently under development)
Host Plus (Australia)
HostPlus Executive (Australia) (Currently under development)
Hoyts (Australia) (Currently under development)
HSBC Bank (Australia)
HSBC Bank Business Banking (Australia) (Currently under development)
HSBC Credit Cards Online (Australia)
HSBC E*Trade (Australia)
HUB24 (Australia)
Hume Bank (Australia)
IGA (Australia) (Currently under development)
Illawarra CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
IMB Building Society (Australia)
ING DIRECT (Australia)
Intrust Super (Australia) (Currently under development)
Investor Online (Australia)
IOOF (Australia)
Investment Exchange
JB Were (Australia) (Currently under development)
Jetstar Mastercard (Australia)
Kinetic Superannuation (Australia)
La Trobe Financial investments (Australia) (Currently under development)
Latitude Finance GO MasterCard (Australia)
LGIA super (Australia)
Link Market Services – Investor Login (Australia)
Link Market Services (Employee Service Centre) (Australia)
Link Market Services (Plan Participant Access) (Australia)
Loans.com.au (Australia)
Lombard (Australia)
Macarthur CU (Australia)
Macquarie Bank – Mortgage (Australia)
Macquarie Bank (Advisers GearUp) (Australia)
Macquarie Bank (Australia)
Maitland Mutual Building Society (Australia)
Maritime Super (Australia)
Mediasuper Investments (Australia) (Currently under development)
Members Equity Bank (ME Bank) (Australia)
Mercer investment (Australia) (Currently under development)
Military Super (Australia) (Connected via Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation)
Mine Wealth (Australia) (Currently under development)
MLC (Australia)
Morgan Stanley (Australia)
Mortgage Choice Investment (Australia)
MTAA Super Fund (Member Online) (Australia)
MYER one (Australia) (Currently under development)
myMOVE Banking (Australia)
MyState card (Australia)
MyState Financial CU (Australia)
NAB (Australia)
NAB Connect (Australia)
NAB Trade (Australia)
netwealth (ShareTrading) (Australia)
netwealth (Superannuation) (Australia)
Newcastle Permanent (Australia)
Newcastle Permanent Business Banking (Australia)
NGS super (Australia) (Currently under development)
Northern Beaches CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
One Direct – Mortgages (Australia)
OnePath (ANZ) (Advisors) (Australia) (Currently under development)
OnePath (ANZ) (Customer) (Australia)
Orange CU (Australia)
Ord Minnet (Australia) (Currently under development)
Origin MMS (Australia) (Currently under development)
Peoples Choice CU (Australia)
Pepper money Home loan (Australia)
Pepper money personal loan (Australia) (Currently under development)
Perpetual Investments (Australia) (Currently under development)
Plan Lending
Plum (Australia)
P & N Bank (Australia)
Police Bank (Australia)
Police CU (Australia)
Praemium (Australia)
Priceline Sister Club (Australia)
Prime Super
Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
Qantas Cash (Australia)
Qantas Frequent Flyer (Australia)
Qbank (Australia) (Currently under development)
QPCU (Australia)
QSuper (Australia)
QT Mutual Bank (Australia)
Qudos Bank (Australia)
Queensland Country CU (Australia)
Queenslanders CU (Australia)
Quicktrade (Australia)
Rabobank (Australia)
RaboDirect (Australia)
RAMS (Australia)
Rate Setter (Australia) (Currently under development)
Regional Australia bank (Australia)
REI Super (Australia) (Currently under development)
RESIMAC HOME LOANS (Australia) (Currently under development)
Rest Industry Super (Australia)
Rewards central (Australia)
Rural Bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
Rock Building Society (Australia)
Sandhurst Trustees smart options (Australia) (Currently under development)
Sanford Securities (Australia)
SCU More Generous Banking (Australia) (Currently under development)
Select Encompass Credit Union (Australia)
Service One Mutual Limited (Australia) (Currently under development)
South West CU (Australia) (Currently under development)
Southern Cross CU (Australia)
St. George Bank (Australia)
St. George Bank (DirectShares) (Australia)
St. George Bank (Margin Lending) (Australia)
St. George Bank Business Banking (Australia)
StarNet (Australia)
State Custodians (Australia)
StatewideSuper (Australia) (Currently under development)
Suncorp (Australia)
Suncorp WealthSmart (Australia) (Currently under development)
SunSuper (Australia)
Super SA (Australia)
SWSCU (Australia)
Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia)
Toyota Financial Services (Australia)
Traditional CU bank (Australia) (Currently under development)
Twusuper (Australia) (Currently under development)
UBank (Australia)
UniSuper (Australia)
Unity Bank (Australia)
Vanguard Investments (Investor) (Australia)
Velocity Global Wallet (Australia) (Currently under development)
Velocity Rewards (Australia)
VicSuper (Australia)
Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank (Australia)
Virgin Money (Australia) (Currently under development)
Virgin Money (Super) (Australia)
Virgin Money Everyday Banking (Australia) (Currently under development)
Virgin Money Home Loans (Australia) (Currently under development)
Virgin MoneyLoan (Australia) (Currently under development)
Vision Super (Australia)
WA Super (Australia) (Currently under development)
Warwick CU (Australia)
WAW Smart Banking (Australia) (Currently under development)
Wealthtrac Superannuation (Australia) (Currently under development)
Westpac (Australia)
Westpac Business (Australia)
Westpac Corporate (Australia)
Westpac Online Investing (Australia)
Wizard Home Loans (Australia)
Woolworth’s creditcard (Australia) (Currently under development)
Woolworth’s Employees Credit Union (Australia) (Currently under development)
Woolworths Everyday Money Credit Card (Australia)
Woolworths Ezy Banking (Australia)
Woolworths Rewards (Australia)
Yellow Brick Road (Australia) (Currently under development)