How do I update my account credentials?

You can update your account credentials in Connected Services. Connected Services is found in Settings.


Mobile –

The Settings icon is located in the bottom main menu of the your mobile app. From here you can locate Connected Services. You can also access Connected Services from the top right of your Details screen of your institution’s Account screen.


Once you have located the Connected Service screen, swipe to the bottom of the screen to find Update credentials.


In the Update Credentials screen, enter your correct login details and touch Update.


Desktop –

Settings is located in the right hand menu. Click on Settings to located Connected Services. You can also locate Manage Connected Services from the My Accounts screen.

Click the padlock for the institution who’s details you wish to update (located to the right of your institution).


Enter your Customer ID and password before selecting Save Credentials.


Your accounts will show as refreshing. If you have no further credentials to update click the Back to Accounts link to go back to the Accounts screen.