How do I see all my uncategorised transactions?

Mobile App –

You can see a list of you uncategorised transactions in your Overview Dashboard by scrolling down past Safe Spending and Net Worth to see the Uncategorised Transactions dashboard.

To see the list of all your uncategorised transactions, touch View all at the bottom of your screen.


This will take you to the Uncategorised Transaction screen. When you touch anywhere on a transaction you will navigate to the Transaction Details screen where you can manually categorise your transaction. You can also see the transaction details, tag the transaction, exclude the transaction from your budget or create a bill from the transaction.


Once you have finished your task, you can select Back at the top left of the screen to navigate back to your Uncategorised Transactions list and back again to your Overview dashboard.

Desktop –

You can see a list of your uncategorised transactions through the Overviewdashboard or through My Transactions.

Overview dashboard

When you are in your Overview dashboard, the Uncategorised Transactions. dashboard is under Safe Spending (bottom left of your screen).

Not all of your uncategorised transactions may be visible on your Uncategorised Transactions dashboard. To access the complete list of uncategorised transaction, click View all in the top right of you Uncategorised Transactions dashboard.


When you click on View all, you will navigate to My Transactions which is filtered to show all your uncategorised transactions. If you click on the category name (eg uncategorised) the Edit Transaction window will pop up and you can categorise your transction.

My Transactions

You can also access your uncategorised transactions from the My Transactions screen.

The My Transactions screen has a filter on the right-hand side of the screen. This filter allows you to filter your transaction by many different attributes like date, amount, description, tag, account and category. Type uncategorised into the CATEGORY search field.

Select uncategorised from the list of suggested categories and your transaction listing on the left will be filtered for uncategorised transactions only.


You can categorise the transaction by clicking on the category name. This will open the Edit Transaction window where you select the group and then the category. Click Save or Save all and remember to change the category and return to My Transactions.