How do I create my own category?

mymoney247 has a create your own category feature that allows you to create your own category within any transaction group (this feature is currently available in Desktop only).

If you are considering using custom categories you might also find transaction Tagging useful.  Tagging allows you to define your own Tags and apply those tags to transactions in any category. You can use transaction Tags to analyse your spending across Categories.  You might use transaction tags to track things like tax deductible expenses or the expenses related to a specific project like a home renovation or a holiday.

Mobile –

Create your own category is not currently available in mobile, but we are working hard to make it available in mobile soon, so stay tuned!

Desktop –

You can find the create your own category feature in the Edit Transactionwindow. Click on the category name of the transaction you wish to change to open the Edit Transaction window.

Before you create your own category, select the group that your new category will belong to. In the right hand section of the window under Select Category, click on create your own category found under the list of suggested categories for that group.

Type in a name for your new category and click Save.


To categorise your transaction with your new category, click Save. Our automatic categorisation may identify other similar transactions that you would also like to categorise with your new category. To categorise all identified transactions you can click on Save All and Remember.

When you click on Save or Save All and Remember the Edit Transaction window will close and return you to the previous screen. You will see that your transaction category has been updated.