How do I change the category of a transaction?

You can manually change a transaction description anytime you are viewing your transactions in mymoney247, such as through Uncategorised Transactions in the Overview dashboard,  through your Budget when you drill down to your transactions, or through Accounts and in Desktop through My Transactions.

To Categorise transactions, follow these steps

1. Select the Transaction

2. From the Transaction Details screen select the Uncategorised label

3. Either select the Category Group and then appropriate Category or select the Search Categories field, start typing the Category you want to use and select the Category from the resulting list

4. If you are using the mymoney247 desktop app select Save to update just the selected transaction or select Save All and Remember to update the selected transaction, all similar transactions and remember how to categorise any similar transactions that occur in the future. This functionality is not yet available on the iOS and Android apps.