How do I categorise my loan repayments?

For many people, loan repayments will occur across multiple accounts. Like when money is transferred from an offset to a loan account and then payments are made from the loan account.

To avoid double counting in your budget and spending reports we suggest you categorise these payments in the following way:

  • Categorise the payments from your transaction or offset account to your mortgage as Loan Repayment
  • Categorise the transaction that goes into your mortgage as Transfer
  • Categorise your interest payment from your loan account as a Transfer

Categorising a transaction as a transfer hides the transaction from your budget and reporting. This means that your budget and spending reports are based on your loan repayments.

Once you complete the categorisation via out website – select Save All and Remember to create a rule.

You can categorise any transaction with Transfer that is a transfer between accounts to exclude it from your budget and spending figures.

We understand that this won’t suit all users and/or circumstances, so if you would like some further assistance on categorising your payments to suit you, please contact us at