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mymoney247 connects your accounts to give you a complete view of your money including credit cards, loans, mortgages superannuation and even loyalty cards. The platform also links to over 200 financial institutions in Australia with the security of Yodlee - a global leader in banking technology.

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Connect your financial world - without changing a thing.

We connect to over 200 financial institutions in Australia, more than anyone else – so you can get a complete view of all your money.

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mymoney247 is powered by MoneyBrilliant and is a simple, easy and secure way to connect your accounts and see all of your money in the one place.


How it Works

mymoney247 is like a personal financial assistant that never stops working for you – you’re the boss but we’ve got your back.


Money Priorities

We think that the decisions most people need to make about money fall into a certain areas – we call them Money Priorities.


Clean & Easy Plans

If we can't find ways for you to save at least the subscription fee in your first 12 months – we will give the money back.


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